FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS OVER $49.9! (only for【Standard Delivery】)

【Kerlsyele Only Ships in the Continental United States】

Order Processing Time

Order processing time for all goods on our website is 1-2 working days. Due to the high volume of order processing or other unavoidable factors, we may extend your order processing time, but we guarantee that it will not exceed 10 days. In addition, orders that have not been processed for more than 10 days will receive a $10 voucher from us as compensation.If your order has not been processed within this period or more than ten working days without special remarks please contact our customer service, Dolly.

Pay attention: The deadline for order processing from Monday to Friday is 5:00 pm (EST), and orders submitted after 5:00 pm (EST) will be processed the next day; orders placed before 5:00 pm on Friday will be processed on the morning of the next Monday.

Shipping Time

Usually, the delivery time of your products is calculated from the date of progressing your orders, we guarantee no more than 14 working days. The standard delivery express shipping time is 3-12 working days. If you want to extend the delivery time of your goods, for example, you want your order to be delivered more than 14 working days, please contact our customer service in time for more help.

Delivery Time

From the order processing to receiving your goods, generally within 2-14 working days. The standard delivery actual arrival time is 4-14 days. If it exceeds 60 working days, you don't receive your products, you can directly apply for a refund or let us reship(We will give you 10$ as compensation also).

Pay attention: If your goods are lost in transit, we will not be responsible but will help you get in touch with the logistics company in time. Our website supports Standard delivery one shipping methods, and standard shipping is free.

Shipping Cost Calculation

USPS First Class Package

Shipping fee
Order >= 49.99                                                                                  FREE
Order < 49.99                                                                                     4.99


Can you change or cancel your order?

If you intend to cancel your order, you can only cancel the order within half an hour of placing the order. If the order you requested to cancel has not been processed for a long time, please call our customer service Dolly at +(1)(518) 316-4448, or send an email to customer service hours are Monday-Friday, 9:00 am-11:00 pm(EST), Saturday-Sunday, 9:00 am-5:00 pm (EST). Please provide your original payment information when calling to cancel your order.

What if your merchandise arrives damaged?

We will check the product to make sure the product is in good condition before shipping. We are not responsible for damage during transportation but will assist you to contact the transportation company. If it is our negligence, that leads the product to be damaged, we will take responsibility.

Pay attention:

  • You MUST note any delivery damage on the delivery ticket or bill of lading. It is best to completely inspect delivered products while the driver is present, before signing for the delivery. If there is severe damage please contact us immediately so we can handle it at that time.
  • You MUST keep all shipping and packing materials. We cannot accept returns that do not have all the original packaging.

What if your item is back-ordered?

When a product is on backorder, the estimated delivery date is provided on the product information page and in the order confirmation email. On rare occasions when an in-stock item becomes unavailable after you place an order, you will receive a backorder notification email. In both cases, your item will be shipped as soon as it becomes available and you will not be charged until the item is shipped. Backordered items will be automatically canceled after 60 days without requiring customer authorization.

What if you haven't received the product for a long time?

Please make sure that your receiving information is correct, if the receiving information is wrong, please be responsible for yourself, if the receiving information is correct and the product has not been received more than 60 days after delivery, you can choose to request a refund or ask us to reship it for you.

What should you do if the goods are lost?

We're sorry this happened, although Kerlsyele is not responsible for it, please contact us with your order number and we'll try to help you get in touch with the logistics company. Thanks for your understanding.

For other questions about shipping costs, please contact our customer service, Dolly will answer you in detail.