About Us

About Kerlsyele

We hope we can bring more efficiency to household cleaning work around the world through high-quality products and use our efforts to create a cleaner and more comfortable home environment for you.

Kerls Electric, Llc is a newly established business, which specializes in various finest quality vacuum cleaners. Kerlsyele.com currently mainly deals in Smart Vacuum Cleaners and Canister/Vertical Vacuum Cleaners. You will find vacuum cleaners in various functions and configurations on our website.

If you want to experience the home cleaning work that can release your hands intelligently, please go to our [Smart Vacuum Cleaner] category to choose your favorite products; if you want to clean large areas such as family carpets and courtyards, please go to [Canister Vacuum Cleaner ]; if you want to efficiently clean the home in the form of labor, please go to the [Upright Vacuum Cleaner] column to find it.



Our Vision

Our vision is to make work easier and the environment cleaner.

Our Mission is to provide quality products to families around the world, provide quality service guarantees to customers, and provide protection and care for employees.

You can contact us in the following ways:
  • Address: 3 Bemis Heights Road, Saratoga Springs, New York,12866​
  • E-Mail: info@kerlsyele.com
  • Tel: +(1)(518) 316-4448